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Black Rock Roofing did a complete tear off and roof replacement.  Winterguard ice and water shield, venting, drip edges and gutters were all expertly installed.  

I have used Black Rock Roofing numerous times before and have found them to be professional, efficient, and reasonable.

I had not experienced lately.

I have used Black Rock Roofing numerous times before and have found them to professional, efficient, and reasonable.

I had not expected to have to replace this 2 1/2 story roof; but after a November storm, many shingles had blown off and knew that the roof had to be replaced before winter.  I also had concerns about a driveway that had just been put in.  Black Rock arranged their schedule to get this work done while also protecting the driveway.  I am grateful to them especially after the bitter cold weather we have experienced lately.

I would definitely recommend Black Rock Roofing.  Thank you to them.  
Barb D.


Around the beginning of October 2012 we noticed the ceiling in our upstairs hallway had some new water damage. When we purchased the house a few years ago we knew it would only be a matter of time before we would have to get a new roof. Unfortunately, that time came sooner than we were expecting and with being very tight on money it was definitely an unwelcome surprise. 

We started contacting several roofing companies and doing extensive research. After narrowing it down to two companies we chose you. We felt the same about your company and the other one - pleased with the level of service we were receiving, from returning phone calls, arriving on time for the estimate and answering any questions we had. When we were unsure of which company to choose we logged onto www.bbb.com to check reviews and ratings. Both of your companies had an A+ rating and good reviews. The other company was about $2,500 more. Once we told the other company what our estimate was from you, they stated they would "price match." 

There were 3 main things that stood out to us and helped us make the right decision...

The first, the other company stating they would NOW price match AFTER they knew we got a lower estimate from you. This made us worry because we weren't sure if that was now going to jeopardize the quality we were going to receive. Surely, they would have to make changes in order to lower the price that much. And with our finances being very tight we told them during the first phone call that we were looking for a company that charged fair prices and was willing to work with us. 

The second, was the overall level of service and compassion that Black Rock Roofing has for their customers. During the first few weeks of trying to find the right roofing company, we went to the credit union to take out a home equity line of credit in order to pay for the new roof. During one of the conversations we had with someone from Black Rock Roofing, we were referred to a woman at SEFCU (can't remember her name) who we were told has a "great relationship" with the company and might be able to help us further in the process with the credit union. We were able to take out enough equity to pay for the roof, however we were maxed out at $8,800 and the roof cost $8,795! Talk about lucky right? Then came the bad news - once the big day was here and the roofers started tearing off the old roof they noticed the fascia boards were rotted around the flat roof (which was done by another company a couple of years ago). Unfortunately, the other company didn't replace those and now we got stuck with a big surprise. We started feeling stressed, wondering how we were going to come up with the extra $400 so you can finish the new roof. After discussing our financial situation with Chris Paolini, he was able to give us some good news a couple of days later - we could pay for the remaining balance ($400) after we get our 2012 tax refund. We told him we get our refund between the end of February/beginning of March. He spoke with the owner and it was decided that it was OK to do this! Black Rock Roofing still finished the entire job - and quickly too. Now we don't have to worry all winter!

And third, the two guys who worked with us throughout the entire process - 

Chris Paolini and Mark Beyer. We have never met such wonderful guys (and this says a lot in this type of industry). They seem so down to earth and honest. It's not easy to be able to trust the people you hire to work on your house, but these guys made us feel very comfortable. We have already referred Black Rock Roofing to several friends and family members. 

Mark came out a couple of times to give us estimates and info on the products and services. When we couldn't decide on the color of shingles that we wanted he gave us a list of addresses near our house that had our top colors. We were happy that he did this because the colors we were interested in looked very different once they were up on the roof. Mark never rushed thru his appointments with us and gave us some very honest feedback of other things we could do to add value to our house without breaking the bank. 
Chris Paolini came out a few times to pickup the money we owed for the new roof. Each time we talked to him to schedule a time to meet, we offered to drop the money off ourselves, but he insisted he would come to us. Every time we gave him another deposit he always gave us an updated receipt and contract with the new balance. It was nice that we never had to ask for one. 

Both of these guys are awesome! Very punctual, honest, kind, professional - can't say enough. It was such a pleasure working with Black Rock Roofing and these two are truly an asset to your company. Again, we cannot say enough how thankful we are that we chose Black Rock Roofing and the service we received was more than expected. It is extremely appreciated that you finished our roof and gave us the opportunity to pay for the remaining balance when we get our 2012 tax refund. 

The new roof looks great, THANK YOU again!
Stacy V.


Black Rock did a tear off and replacement of main roof, garage roof, and flat roof.  Added trim to the main house.  Repair to structure issues with the garage to include dry rotted boards and studs.  Replaced all gutters on main house and garage.

First, when I had called this company to set up an appointment for an estimate, I felt very comfortable.  The receiptionist/secretary was very thorough and knowledgeable.  The following day, I had an appointment to have an estimate done on my home and garage.

I was very impressed with the estimators that came to my home.  They were very professional, knowledgable, and patient with me; especially since I do not know much about this kind of work.  They told me exactly what had to be done, their ideas on how to fix the problems, and a complete breakdown of what the charges would be and for what.  They included both my husband and myself in picking out what type of roof we wanted and the color.  They came to my house within 5 days of signing the contract and had all work completed within two days, except for my gutters.  It was explained to me that the gutters would not be in for another 5-7 days.  They were right on the money with that.  Less than a week later, the gutters came in and were put on my house within one day.

The people that did the job were also very polite and professional.  They answered some questions that I had when they were getting ready to close up shop for the evening.  They did a fantastic job with the work that they completed.

I was also very pleased with the cleanup crew as well.  They did a marvelous job and ensured all the nails and debris were cleaned up.  When the job was completed, my husband and I were overwhelmed with what a difference they have made with the appearance of our home and garage.

Lastly, they have very competitive pricing in my opinion.  For all the work they did to my home, and especially my garage, and the type of materials used, I was very pleased to say the least with what I paid for this work.
Laura M.